Why we need a new generation of doctors

Biomedical scientist Massimo Pignatelli believes that modern medicine is facing big changes. The relationships between doctor and patient are changing structurally. The patient shares with doctor the responsibility for his treatment. Dr. Pignatelli shows how crucial is our attention for our health. Massimo defines 4P of Modern Medicine - Predictive, Preventive, Participatory and Personalized. He explains the difference between doctors in the past and future doctors. Massimo Pignatelli, MD, PhD, distinguished pathologist and biomedical scientist, is the Founding Dean of the Nazarbayev University School of Medicine (NUSOM). Before arriving in NUSOM in 2013, Dr. Pignatelli was at the University of Glasgow, Head of the School of Medicine and St Mungo-Notman Chair of Pathology. He joined the University of Glasgow in 2011 following an academic career at Imperial College (London) and at the University of Bristol, where he was Chair of Histopathology and Head of Clinical Sciences. He is a frequently-published physician/scientist whose research focuses on epithelial adhesion molecules, including their value as biomarkers for tissue diagnosis, prognosis, and responses to treatment.
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